When it comes to playing at the casino, there’s plenty for players to enjoy. Whether you want a spin on the roulette or to try your hand on the slots, you’re guaranteed excitement.

However, for many, blackjack is the most popular game to play. The speed at which each hand can conclude, combined with the fact that it will require you to make quick decisions as opposed to random pot luck, means that players can influence the outcome of what happens and it’s something that challenges as well as thrills.

Thankfully, it’s never been easier for players to play their favourite game as the increased reliance and development of the latest technology allows you to play at the click of a few buttons, even if you’re on the move or just sat curled up in bed from your phone and tablet.

Yet, whilst many people enjoy the entertainment aspect that playing these games can provide, there’s no getting away from the fact that people want to win as well. Of course, nothing is guaranteed – which is part of the fun – but there’s a buzz that comes with playing for real money and trying to beat the dealer and ultimately the casino, even if it can be tough.

With that in mind, we will outline the best online blackjack sites and the ways you can make the most out of your money. First, we will give you a rundown about the game, so any beginners understand exactly how to play.

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How To Play Online Blackjack

If you know the card game then this next part won’t be for you as playing online is essentially the same as playing at a casino. The usual rules are applied and what’s required from a player to win doesn’t change.

So, that means it’s just you against the dealer, who will hand out the cards that each have a value of their own number, with all picture cards, like Jacks, Queens and Kings worth ten, whilst aces can be one or 11.

After placing your bets, you and the dealer will be given two cards each, although you will only be able to see one of the cards they have. And, ultimately, the aim of is to get as close to that magic 21 number as possible. Importantly, if you go over it you are bust and you will automatically lose.

After the cards have been dealt, it will be down to you to plot your way to glory. You will be given the chance to ask for another card, or as many as you want, if you have a low score at first and the aim is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over.

Once you’re satisfied and stick with what you have, the dealers’ card will be overturned, they will play and the closest wins. Should you tie, it’s known as a push and you receive your initial stake back, so you don’t lose out.

The best way to win is by getting a blackjack, which is an ace and a card worth ten in your first two cards. That will see you win and instead of a regular 1:1 pay out, you will land a bigger win worth 3:2 of your stake in most places.

These basics of the game apply whether you are playing on the Las Vegas strip or from your sofa and whilst there are more advanced things to understand as you gain more experience as a player, that’s the basic rundown of what the game is about in all formats.

Blackjack Glossary

However, even though the game is extremely quick and relatively straightforward to understand, there are some terms and phrases that you may not be accustomed to.

And that can be a problem as you will want to understand everything about the game before you are playing blackjack for cash. We have identified the most important key terms that could be used in a game and break down exactly what they mean and when they are applied in each game.

Blackjack – This is when you hit 21 with your first two cards, so they consist of an ace and a ten-value card.

Bust – When you go over 21 and therefore lose the game.

Bust Card – This will be the specific card that takes you over 21.

Dealer – The casino employee that will shuffle the cards and who you will be up against.

Deck – The 52 cards that the dealer will be using for the game.

Doubling Down – Once you have received the first two cards, a player has the option to make a secondary wager up to the original bet amount and receive only one additional draw card, so it’s something that should only be done when you feel one card will be decisive.

Hole Card – One of the two cards in the dealer’s hand that is dealt face down.

House Edge – The percentage of the money wagered by a player that the casino will expect to win in the long run from each player. It’s 0.5% in blackjack.

Insurance – A side bet that you can make if you feel the dealer has a blackjack. Players may make the insurance bet, which can be half of your initial stake, when the dealer’s upcard is an ace. If the dealer has a blackjack, the insurance bet is paid at 2:1.

Push – There will be occasions when you and the dealer end up with the same result, such as both having 18. In the case of a tie, it is known as a push and you will get your stake back

Splitting – This only occurs when you have a pair of the same value card from your initial hand. If that happens, you will be given the chance to split, which forms two bets. You will have to put the same stake on the new bet as well.

Upcard – The card in the dealer’s initial two-card hand that is dealt face up.

Again, there are plenty more terms out there that may become necessary to the more advanced players but these are the essentials that should ensure you are ready to play blackjack poker online.

Why The House Edge Makes Blackjack Appeal

One of the key phrases above is the house edge and that’s an important thing for all players to get their heads around when it comes to playing for real money.

Essentially, the house edge describes the advantage that the casino will have over you as you play over time, with that number 0.5% for blackjack. That doesn’t mean you have to lose either, it’s just the percentage the casino expect to get back across all players who are playing that particular game at a certain point over an extended period.

Clearly, that isn’t much at all and the figure looks extremely impressive when you compare it to the 5-10% that exists on slots, depending on which games you are playing, and the 5.26% in roulette. That is a clear indication as to why blackjack is so popular. It’s not just the fun and excitement that each hand brings but it’s undoubtedly one of the best games to play at the casino for those of you who are hoping to make some money.

Such a low number comes about because of the simplicity about blackjack. It’s literally just you against the dealer, with the same deck and the same rules, whilst if you tie you get your money back, so whether you are playing online, or anywhere, it’s undoubtedly one of the best casino games out there for those seeking a regular return.

Knowing Where To Play

If you’re now sold on blackjack and feel it’s the most exciting and potentially profitable game for you, the next step will be finding the right place to play. 

There’s so much for an individual to consider when they are picking a casino to go with. Plus, playing online can bring its own scare stories. Is the place I’m playing offering legal blackjack? Is it going to allow me to withdraw any winnings? These are just some of the genuine concerns that players will raise before they find the right place to play. 

Ultimately, it’s about finding the most reputable blackjack sites and that can be done by checking if they have the proper legislation on their websites, the software used and of course, reviews. A quick search can give you all the information you need and that can be reassuring.

Playing For Real

Following on from that, you are likely to be inundated with offers when it comes to selecting where to play and they may really tempt you.

However, there’s an extremely high possibility that any offer you are given that includes playing for real money without depositing is going to have several strings attached to it. Most notably, you are unlikely to be able to withdraw the money unless you hit certain wage requirements. That means you will have to roll the money over a considerable amount of time before you are allowed to take it out. And, in some cases, it may take a very long time.

This is where it will be down to the individual in question as only you will know how much you expect or intend to play in the coming weeks and months. Some of the requirements can be fairly tough to hit, so it won’t be a case of playing for real money, winning and withdrawing just like that.

Again, it will be about searching ahead, finding any offers that appeal and then reading the exact details of that blackjack bonus and understanding the terms that come with it. That will enable you to make the most informed decision possible and ensure you are doing what’s best for you based on the way you play.

That’s not to say that you won’t find great blackjack for money offers and there will be some about, but it’s vital you understand what each one entails as there will be some that just don’t suit your habits. In many cases, you may be better off playing for real money straight away.

Picking The Right Game

Along with selecting the right offer, you also need to ensure you pick the right game of blackjack.

Whilst the rules of blackjack are never going to differ entirely, with the fundamentals of the game always staying the same, there are certain tweaks and variations that you will come across and that is a factor that has to be taken into consideration.

So, here we will look at some of the other games you may come across and explain how they may slightly differ.

Progressive blackjack – This is only referring to the jackpot that is available, with the pot continuously rising until it’s claimed. It doesn’t impact the game itself.

European blackjack – Again, the difference here is minimal and it comes in the way the cards are dealt. The way you play remains the same.

Spanish 21 – Players should be wary of this. With the ten card removed, you are playing with a 48-card deck, which increases the house edge. The dealer can look at his hole card but you will be given the chance to late surrender and insurance.

Pontoon – Like the Spanish 21, it’s a 48-card deck and player should be aware of the different names things have, with terms like twist and stick used.

Live blackjack – This shouldn’t worry any players. It’s simply a case of playing in front of a live dealer, whether that be on your mobile or tablet.

Ultimately, there will again be a responsibility on the player to ensure they are playing the game the right way. As you can see, there aren’t major difference when you compare the different games to standard blackjack but there are tweaks and variations that could catch you out if you didn’t know better.

It’s also a factor to consider when you are weighing up using your real money. Do you prefer or excel in a particular type of game? If so, make sure the casino you want to play at uses that type. Fortunately, the majority use the standard or European blackjack, if not both, so the main versions of the game will be available at the reputable places. From there, it’s down to you, with your task to take on the dealer and come through with a win.

Overall, there’s plenty of reasons to play blackjack and it’s one of the most popular casino games around because it combines fun and luck with quick-thinking. Therefore, players are always looking to play and there are many ways you can do that, on your smartphone or a tablet.

For those that are looking to play online blackjack for money, you may initially be tempted by the offers and bonuses that are available. But, as we have explained, they may not suit your needs and it’s about studying every offer and some will benefit more from playing for real money straight away. There are many aspects to consider, particularly the wagering requirements, and you also have to understand where you are playing and the type of blackjack you want to play. Once you do all that, the excitement can start and you can test yourself against the dealer.


Can you play blackjack online for real money?

Yes, of course you can. There are many ways to play online and all the reputable online casinos will have different types of blackjack for you to play as it’s one of the best and most popular games around.

Can you win money playing blackjack?

You can, but you can also lose money. After all, that is the risk you take when you lay down the initial bet and the outcome will depend on the cards you are dealt and your strategical approach.

It should be said that, with a house edge of around 0.5%, you are more likely to make money in the long run when you play blackjack ahead of going on the slots and the roulette wheel. In fact, it’s one of the best casino games around for those seeking a profit – even if nothing is guaranteed.

Is online blackjack safe?

Yes, providing you are playing in the right place. There are ways you can find the more reputable casinos, with a quick search and reading reviews just one way to help.

All regulated online casinos will offer blackjack and the game is safe. You may not win all the time, and that’s the unpredictability of playing, but if you aren’t successful it’s not because the games are fixed!

Is blackjack easy to win?

It’s not easy to win but as mentioned it’s the game that has the lowest house edge so you have more chance of winning than other games.

Ultimately, it’s you against the dealer. You use the same deck and it’s about who gets the right cards whilst you can increase your chances by using the right strategy and making smart decisions.

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