Live Blackjack

We all like to play games to stay entertained and visiting the casino can provide you with a fun-filled experience.

That’s because there are a host of games for you to play, with slots and roulette just two options that understandably attract a wide audience. However, for many, blackjack is the go-to game for them and you can understand why, as it is a casino classic.

Of course, with the way technology has developed and improved over the years, playing this game has never been easier. There’s no need to visit a casino, you can simply load it up at the click of a few buttons and everything will be on your screen, whether you are playing on your mobile on the move or sat with a tablet on the sofa.

That simplicity has enabled the games to reach out to so many people and there’s no denying that playing blackjack in this way is a great way to pass time and it will keep you entertained – if you are lucky then you may also land some wins!

There is a way to make that experience even better – by playing live blackjack.

Here we will outline exactly what that entails, why you should try it and the ways you can benefit, along with some tips on how to react to certain situations.

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How To Play Live Blackjack

Firstly, don’t worry too much, this doesn’t differ completely to the card game that many will know and love.

So that means the rules are still the same. You will still be trying to hit the magic 21 number and you will still be coming up against the dealer and it will be down to you to make the decisions to beat them. Do you split initially? Should you stand on 16? Live blackjack is such a popular game because of the way it tests and challenges you to make quick calls to try and win each hand and that aspect of the game will never disappear.

For those of you that don’t know, we will give a quick rundown of how the game is played – and thankfully it’s pretty simple to follow.

The full deck will be used for this and picture cards – Jacks, Queens, Kings – have a value of 10, whilst Aces are worth either 1 or 1 . Your task is simple: you have to get closer to 21 than the dealer, although if you go over you will be bust.

You will be handed two cards initially, as well as the dealer, but they will only have one upcard that you can see. From there, you decide to hit, which is to ask for another card, or stick. Again, the aim is to get 21 or closer to it than the dealer. When you are happy with your cards, providing you’re not bust, the dealer will turn their cards over and the closest wins. The payout will be 1:1, although getting blackjack from the first two cards will pay 3:2 in most places.

Ultimately, the point is that the game doesn’t change when you play online blackjack live dealer. The rules remain the same and you can get the same buzz.

Blackjack Terms

Whilst that’s an overview of the game, which is fairly simple to grasp, there are other aspects of blackjack that novices may not initially understand. And not knowing terminology or the meaning of certain things can be a big hindrance, particularly when you are playing for real money.

We have decided to help and we will offer a brief explanation of the different key terms you will come across and what they mean.

Blackjack – This is when you hit 21 with your first two cards, so they consist of an ace and a ten-value card.

Bust – When you go over 21 and therefore lose the round.

Bust Card – This will be the specific card that takes you over 21.

Dealer – The casino employee that will shuffle the cards and who you will be up against.

Deck – The 52 cards that the dealer will be using for the game.

Doubling Down – Once you have received the first two cards, players have the option to make a secondary wager up to the original bet amount and receive only one additional draw card, so it’s something that should only be done when you feel one card will be decisive.

Hole Card – One of the two cards in the dealer’s hand that is dealt face down.

House Edge – The percentage of the money wagered by a player that the casino will expect to win in the long run from each player. It’s 0.5% in blackjack.

Insurance – A side bet that you can make if you feel the dealer has blackjack. Players may make the insurance bet, which can be half of your initial stake when the dealer’s upcard is an ace. If the dealer has blackjack, the insurance bet is paid at 2:1.

Push – There will be occasions when you and the dealer end up with the same result, such as both having 18. In the case of a tie, it is known as a push and you will get your stake back

Splitting – This only occurs when you have a pair of the same value card from your initial hand. If that happens, you will be given the chance to split, which forms two bets. You will have to put the same stake on the new bet as well.

Upcard – The card in the dealer’s initial two-card hand that is dealt face up.

There are other terms out there that may help you but this should cover more than just the basics and if you understand what they mean it will help you when it comes to playing live blackjack.

The Advantages Of Live Blackjack

Playing with a live dealer should give you a better experience as you are able to interact with a real person. So, instead of looking at a small screen that shows a standard green table, you will see the person you are coming up against and it makes everything much more realistic.

Obviously, the dealer isn’t a random man or woman who doesn’t know the game, because, like in land-based casinos, they will dress smartly, they will know the rules and you will be able to see all the actions they perform during the game. This gives the player a good insight into everything that goes on in the game and the professional manner in which the dealer conducts themselves will improve your experience at the table.

Essentially, you can combine the positives of going out to a casino with the practicalities of playing on your own device – it really is the best of both worlds.

In some cases, you can interact with the dealer in between hands via the live chat function. For some, that might not be what you want to do; however, if you want to strike up a general conversation it can be a way to pass time, whilst they can also help those of you who may be struggling to understand certain aspects of the game. It should be noted that all of the streaming provided by these casinos is of high quality, so it will run smoothly.

In terms of live blackjack disadvantages, there aren’t really many we can think of. The speed of the game may not be as quick as you want if you are on a busy table and some will argue that it can’t fully replicate being at a physical casino, but they are minor issues and, on the whole, it’s clearly an upgrade over the regular blackjack games you will play on your phone.

Live Blackjack Safety

We hope we have painted a picture of what live blackjack looks like for you. It’s your favourite game with the added benefit of talking to a professional dealer and it brings a much more authentic experience for the player.

Sounds good, right? For many, it will. Yet, there are still some that are sceptical and suspicious about the game and feel that live blackjack can be fixed. It should go without saying, but it’s obviously not.

The doubts arrive because the dealers are acting on behalf of the casino but the same logic could be applied to any games across the industry. Importantly, live blackjack should give you more peace of mind in the sense that you can actually see the dealers turning over their cards, shuffling the deck and everything else that would normally go on in a live casino.

That’s partly what makes live blackjack, in particular, so appealing. Yes, on occasions the dealer may land a six to win from 15 in his initial hand, but that can happen – it doesn’t mean the game is against you. That’s the sort of unpredictability and excitement that makes blackjack such an intriguing and fun game for all involved. In addition, all reputable casinos are independently checked to ensure that their games are completely random.

House Edge In Blackjack

It should be noted that the house edge is 0.5% in blackjack which means it’s statistically one of the best games for you to play in terms of seeking a return from what you put in.

The house edge describes the mathematical advantage the gambling game has over the player, which is why they generally make money over an extended period of time. For roulette, the house edge is 5.26% whilst it varies from between 5-10% for those of you who are playing on the slots.

Therefore, blackjack compares extremely favourably and whilst there will always be a hand that frustrates or annoys you, live blackjack can offer good returns and the live element of the game should be even more reassuring when it comes to knowing it’s fair and secure.

You could also make a strong case to say it’s the one casino game that players should play in terms of trying to be profitable. As covered, the house edge is a significant factor when it comes to this and the fact is, it really is just you against the dealer. Someone has to win, or you will get your money back on a push, and when you play live blackjack you are seeing everything that happens right in front of you. This all comes together as another reason why blackjack is such a popular game, no matter what format you are playing in.

Live Blackjack Offers

If the thought of the tension, excitement and thrill that blackjack provides hasn’t tempted you to try the game with a live dealer, then maybe this will.

Players can also benefit from real money no deposit offers that are available from a host of selected casinos. Basically, this gives you the chance to start your live blackjack casino journey in a completely risk-free manner, enabling you to take advantage by starting out without having to put in a deposit, yet you can claim the money as a real prize should you beat the dealer.

This should appeal to all sorts of players out there. Firstly, those beginners who are not yet fully aware of how the game works can try to get up to speed and learn quickly without having to lose money along the way. High rollers and more experienced players are also not going to turn down a blackjack bonus like this.

So, you should really check out what is on offer before you begin playing as it can help you get off to a perfect start.

Understanding The Table

Another idea that has been suggested in the past is that it can be better to play blackjack alone.

Firstly, to avoid any confusion, you are always playing on your own. It’s just you against the dealer and it’s just you that will win or lose the money that you put down on the table for each game. However, whether you are playing in the casino or on live blackjack, you will still be at a table and that means there can be more players ready to join in.

Clearly, that is going to have an impact on you as they will be waiting on the cards to be dealt themselves and if, for example, you’re hoping for a seven to come out and the player before you gets that very card, it can be hugely frustrating as you would know that it would’ve been yours if that player wasn’t there.

But that’s looking at it from one negative point of view. There will be occasions when a player takes a card that you wouldn’t have wanted, meaning you are left with a card that can help you hit the magic 21 and you will then win. Ultimately, this is something that works both ways and it’s not a factor that should sway your decision.

The reality is that it’s about that unpredictability again. You just don’t know what card will come out and you don’t know what the player in front of you is going to do. Will they stand on 16? Will they take a risk? Their decision-making process impacts what cards are taken and nobody knows what will be the next one from the deck.

Whilst the way the cards are dealt can go for and against you, you could argue there are some benefits to playing alone. This will differ from person to person but if you are the sort that can lose focus quickly then you would want as small a table as possible, purely from a time aspect.
When you are waiting for other players to make their decision, it can become a drawn-out process. After all, there is money at stake and there will be tough decisions to make, so some players will be measured in their approach.

There’s no denying that when it’s just you and the dealer, the game will be much quicker, snappier and everything can be concluded in a shorter time frame. Again, that’s not always a good thing but blackjack is a game that requires thinking and it will be down to you to assess the situation.

Playing one on one gives you more chance to control the tempo and speed of the game and even though that’s just a minor detail in the bigger picture, as ultimately it’s going to be about the cards you are dealt, it’s a factor that can help players in certain instances.

Even with a full table, though, live blackjack is a pretty quick game and there’s nothing to suggest that playing on your own will give you any sort of advantage but it can alter the speed of each hand and that can be something to take into consideration if you have the option of joining a busy table or starting up on your own with the live dealer.

Overall, blackjack is a game that appeals to many and it’s easy to see why, as it’s exciting, quick and it requires more than just pot luck, as you are required to use sharp thinking to make decisions. The live element of the game just offers that bit more realism from any device you are playing from, so it’s certainly something you should check out if you haven’t before and it can enhance your blackjack experience even if you are a regular player.


What is live blackjack?

Live blackjack is the popular casino game brought to you with a live dealer. You can interact with the person on the screen who helps to make the game more authentic even on a mobile device.

Away from that, it’s the same game that everyone loves. Your challenge will be to beat the dealer and you’re guaranteed some fun and excitement on every hand as you try to emerge victorious.

Is live blackjack rigged?

There is a misconception among a small percentage of people that anything online is rigged and these live dealers will be employed by the casino so would act in their interests. However, the live aspect of this game ensures you can see everything that’s happening, so you will know that it’s all above board – if you didn’t already.

Every hand that is dealt will be seen by you and it really is as though you were playing at a regular land-based casino.

How can I win real money with no deposit?

There are always great offers to take advantage of and it’s no different for those that want to play live blackjack. You can check out the range of bonuses available, with many allowing you to start playing without putting in your own cash first.

That’s great for players from a financial perspective and it also allows those who haven’t yet played blackjack to get used to the game before they commit their own funds.

Is it better to play blackjack alone?

This is all down to personal opinion but there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that playing alone or on a busy table makes any difference to the outcome of a game.

Sometimes things will go for you, others against. The only obvious benefit to playing on your own is that it will speed up the game, but the chance to interact and be given more time to think about each call you make may see some preferring that to a busy table.

What do you never split in blackjack?

It should go without saying that splitting 10s is a catastrophic idea as you already have a fantastic hand. As well as that, splitting 4s and 5s is not advisable as you are starting from a tough base and could potentially go bust when more cards come out.

You may benefit from not splitting in further instances but that will depend on what upcard the dealer has on show, which has to come into your thinking. Overall, though, those are the three pairs that you shouldn’t split.

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